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Estimated Traffic: As expected for the Ranked Keywords.

Nepal: 42.6K

United States: 2.3 Million

India: 55K

UK: 250K

Current Rankings and Actual Traffic.

Nepal: 25K

United States: 130K

India: 30K

UK: 100K

Monthly Traffic Estimated: 3.3 Million

Monthly Actual Traffic: 300K

Future Timeline: Just before 3 months we started scriling to provide written content that user search for to get information & to publish local and international news. We are doing great up to now learning the art of content and how to rank faster and wider on google search. As we evolve for wider coverage for every topic, we are working on a big network of content with search engines. will be our ultimate goal to make it a locally available search engine with each and every topic covered for Nepali internet users in the coming days.