Nepal Bagmati License examination resumes from today

Nepal Bagmati license
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The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Bagmati Pradesh, is re-conducting the driver’s license examination from today. Nepal Bagmati License examination

The written and experimental (trial) exams were postponed from April 28 due to corona risk.

In the information issued by the ministry on August 29, the service will be conducted for the service recipients who have applied for the experimental examination, biometric written examination, and written examination will be involved in the experimental examination (trial), fail the experimental examination once and attend the office.

The Department of Transportation Management has approved the ‘Driver’s License Examination and Management Standards-2078 BS’ and the way has been opened for the bodies under the Ministry to conduct the stopped examinations. It is said that about eight lakh service recipients are in trouble due to the suspension of examinations across the country due to Corona. Director-General of the Department, Namaraj Ghimire, informed that the driver’s license examination will now be conducted in accordance with the Operation and Management Standards-2078 BS.

According to the recently released new standard, candidates must use masks and sanitizers in compliance with public health standards. Similarly, it is mentioned that physical distance should be maintained without crowding during the examination, the body temperature of the examinee should be measured before entering the examination center, high vigilance should be taken while distributing question papers and attendance and examination should be conducted at the specified time.

There is a provision in the criteria that the examinee who fails to appear in the prescribed time will be considered as absent and will not be allowed to participate in the examination conducted in other shifts on the same day. Provision has been made for the candidates to be provided information on the day, shift, and time of the experimental examination at least 24 hours before the examination is conducted. It has been said that only 50 candidates will be allowed to participate in one shift while conducting the examination.

There is a provision in the criteria that the office should search and use the school or other building with open space for written examination. Now, the examination will be held as per the ‘Driver’s License Examination Operation Guideline, 2077’.

Objective Sample Questions Public

Meanwhile, as per the new guideline, the department has made public the sample questions for the examination. The department has made public the question papers to be asked in the written examination of the licenses of ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘T’ class motorcycles, scooters, ‘B’ class cars, jeeps, and delivery vans.

In the written examination, a total of 25 objective multiple-answer questions of four marks will be asked including 100 integers including legal provisions related to vehicle and transport management, observance of traffic rules, and general practical knowledge related to technical aspects of the vehicle. From the same collection, 25 objective multiple-answer questions will be asked and a minimum of 60 marks will be required to pass the 30-minute exam.

It is said that the provision of experimental examination has also been amended in the directory.

Experimental examination at Vehicle Academy

The Transportation Management Office, Thulovaryang, has approved the Vehicle Academy and Research Center as a ‘trial center’ for the experimental test. The academy, located at Gurjudhara in Chandragiri Municipality-12, has been conducting experimental examinations as per the government’s norms and will continue to do so in the coming days.

The largest and most well-equipped academy in Nepal is spread over an area of ​​32 ropanis. The academy has the infrastructure and training facilities for the experimental examination of licenses for all types of vehicles. Rajesh Ghimire, president of the academy, informed that the experimental examination will be started in the academy following the health criteria set for Kovid-19. He said, ‘Social distance has been made mandatory for experimental examinees. Fever measurements, sanitizers, and masks have been made mandatory.

The academy was established in 2073 BS according to the three pillar economy of cooperative, public, and private sector adopted by the government. Madhav Adhikari, managing director of the academy, said that the academy has an experimental test and training system for all types of two-wheeled, four-wheeled, and large vehicles. He said, ‘We are providing quality service at a minimal fee. We have started the experimental examination for the license of all types of vehicles by fulfilling the prescribed health standards from today. Quality service is our commitment. ‘

It is said that there has been a financial crisis in the operation of the academy due to the long shutdown due to the risk of coronavirus. The academy is in dire financial straits as the government does not provide land rent exemption and other facilities. “We have run the academy only by paying attention to the demands of the government, the demands, and desires of the service recipients. We are in an extreme financial crisis, we have not received any facilities from the government and local bodies, ”said Ram Narayan Ghimire, director of the academy.

The academy, under its social responsibility, had provided free transportation to and from the hospital for pregnant, kidney, heart, cancer, and lung patients during the shutdown. Similarly, Rs. One lakh was also provided to the Corona Fund established by the municipality. 

The academy has been conducting special theoretical and experimental training for those who want to learn to drive by skilled drivers. He informed that there are also local social workers who have been brought to conduct the training following the health standards.