Dipika Kakar’s pregnancy fake? The actress said – ‘I am only gimmick’, gave a befitting reply to netizens

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Mumbai: Dipika Kakkar became famous as Simar by playing the lead role in Colors channel’s popular show ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. Deepika, who has been a part of many shows, has also been the winner of ‘Bigg Boss Season 12’. Deepika married TV actor Shoaib Ibrahim in the year 2018. Their pairing is considered an onscreen and offscreen hit. Deepika is trolled many times because of Shoaib, the actress is about to become a mother soon, in such a situation some social media users called her pregnancy fake. On this, Deepika fiercely told the trolls.

Deepika Kakkar shared a video on her YouTube channel on Sunday and said, ‘How much negativity will you spread? Be it pregnancy, celebration or profession, husband-wife relationship, you have to spread negativity and then you go ahead and accuse us of being fake? Are we gimmicks?’

You questioning my bump?
Actually, Deepika Kakkar and her husband Shoaib were badly trolled by some social media users. People said that questions were also raised on Deepika’s pregnancy, besides commenting on her past days. Furious with this kind of trolling, Deepika reprimanded the trolls on her vlog expressing her displeasure. The actress said in the video, ‘I am only a gimmick, I am certified. ok, now what? Group guys, the way you comment about my pregnancy, is it okay? You are commenting that I am doing fake baby bump. You are questioning my bump, you are speaking to a pregnant woman, is that right?’
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What do you know about our life?
Deepika further said, ‘You have no idea about our life and are giving such judgements. You are a frustrated person who has not got anything in life, neither love, nor peace, nor happiness’. I would like to say to those women who are trolling Shoaib, our love is special’.

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Please tell that Shoaib and Deepika worked together in the show Sasural Simar Ka. They got married in the year 2018 after dating each other for about 4 years. In January this year, Deepika had told about her pregnancy on a social media post.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 06, 2023, 14:29 IST

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