How to apply h1b visa from nepal?

apply h1b visa from nepal

How to apply h1b visa from nepal? Notice of Open H1B America Working Visa Online Application. Details on the H1B Visa Application Process and Requirements. The cumulative maximum period of the H-1B Specialty Occupation Work Authorization Visa is 6 years. The initial period of stay for those in H-1B status is three (3) years, with extensions available for up to three (3) years thereafter. H1B visa is opening for those who want to go to America. H1B Visa (H1B Visa) recipients are chosen by an EDV-style lottery.

This visa’s primary objective is to enable American businesses to recruit qualified foreign workers. A form with the applicant’s general information must be filled out at the start of the application process for this visa. Then the selection process starts.

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