Kanchanpur finds rare species of snakes

Kanchanpur snakes
Image for representation

A non-venomous wolf snake, a rare kind of snake, has been found in Belauri Municipality-7 in the Kanchanpur area.

The discovery of the snake was confirmed by Dinesh Yadav, the director of the Kunda Sub Division Forest Office. According to him, the almost three-foot-long, white snake eats mice, insects, and frogs and is not poisonous.

Since I began working here 25 years ago, this is the first time I have seen this particular kind of snake. It’s unusual to find this kind of snake, he remarked.

According to him, the snake that was found near a local resident’s home has been saved and released in the neighborhood’s Simtal communal forest.

Herpetologists claim that the snake leaves its burrow in a tree or the ground at night to hunt for its food.

More than a dozen nations, including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, are home to this species of snake.