Narayangadh-Muglin road in full operation from today

Narayangadh-Muglin road
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From today, the Narayangadh-Muglin road portion will be available to traffic in the late afternoon.

The road portion used to be closed for four hours in the afternoon, from 11 am to 3 pm, in order to clear the hillside and enlarge the road so that bridges could be built alongside it.

According to Krishna Acharya, information officer for the Nagadhunga-Muglin road project, all clearing of the way for bridge building has been done, with the exception of the hill close to the Tuin River heading into Muglin.

The hall close to the Tuin river, where 40 meters have remained to be cut, is being destroyed with explosives.

Besides the finished Chisenji, Simaltal, Kalikhola, and Namchi rivers work on cutting a side wall was done.

There are five bridges being built alongside the route. After the most recent road development, a total of 20 bridges have been erected.