The Nepse index increased marginally

Nepse index

Nepse index: Today, the index, which measures stock market trading, has risen slightly.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, the Nepse index rose 1.55 points on the second day of the week to 2,544.94.

Likewise, the Sensitive Index, which measures the trading volume of large corporations, increased by 2.41 points to 492.53. At a price of Rs 2.60 billion, 5.315 million 292 shares of 230 companies were traded.

According to Nepse, five subgroups’ shares have increased while eight subgroups’ shares have decreased out of the total 13 subgroups traded. Banking increased by 6.4 points, hotel and tourism increased by 14.18 points, non-life insurance increased by 9.88 points, manufacturing increased by 87.63 points, and others increased by 35.5 points. Similarly, trade fell 15.74 points, development banks fell 21.41 points, hydropower fell 31.99 points, finance fell 28.24 points, microfinance fell 4.57 points, life insurance fell 150.32 points, mutual funds fell 0.06 points, and investment fell 0.57 points.

After Monday’s trading, the market capitalization stood at Rs. 36.62 billion, according to Nepse. In terms of turnover, Shivam Cement is at the top of the list. The company’s revenue was Rs. 276.932 million.

Similarly, Nepal Telecom Company, with a turnover of Rs. 126.276 million, and Nepal Life Insurance, with a turnover of Rs. 116.25 million, both managed to fall within the top five.

Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower received 5.89 percent, Bottlers Nepal Terai received 5.48 percent, Community Microfinance received 4.34 percent, Emerging Nepal received 4.01 percent, and Nepal Telecom Company received 3.18 percent, according to Nepse.

Similarly, Panchthar Power Company investors lost 6.90%, Panchakanya Mai Hydropower 4.47%, Corporate Development Bank 4.13 %, Barun Hydropower 3.91 %, and Mountain Hydro Nepal 3.46 %.