Rinsed CRM Announces $12 Million in Series A financing


Rinsed, the car wash CRM, announced a $12 million Series A funding round led by Bedrock Capital and Founders Fund.

With simple customer relationship management software, Rinsed assists car washes of all sizes in delighting their clients and growing their subscription revenue. Rinsed interfaces with car washes’ existing point-of-sale hardware and provides automatic email and SMS marketing, customer engagement to prevent churn, and direct online sales through their website.

“We’re arming operators with best-in-class subscription management solutions designed exclusively for the car wash business,” stated Austin Esecson, CEO and co-founder of Rinsed. “As the car wash business transitions to a subscription model, operators’ challenges now extend beyond the driveway to include every encounter the wash has with its consumers and members.”

“At Rinsed, we want to empower car wash operators to infuse every client interaction with the same customized, frictionless experience that they provide at the wash.” That may begin with an automated follow-up SMS to a first-time wash customer, then progress to converting that single-wash consumer to a subscriber via a single-page online checkout form, and finally to user-friendly mobile maintenance of that membership to update their credit card on file. Each touchpoint is viewed as an opportunity to better engage with the consumer and, in turn, develop that underlying relationship.”

“Rinsed is the only CRM built to handle the $15 billion car wash market,” said John Luttig of Founders Fund. By using the increasingly important subscription model, the company is well-positioned to assist car wash operators in entering the digital era.”

Austin Esecson, Sam Logan, and Nic Hippenmeyer established Rinsed. Bedrock Capital, Y Combinator, and other angel investors earlier invested $3 million in the startup in an unreported Seed Round. Mischief also took part in both the Seed and Series A.

Rinsed already serves over 300 car washes and has increased yearly recurring income by over 400% in the last year. As part of this deal, Eric Stromberg, co-founder and Managing Partner of Bedrock Capital, will join the board of Rinsed. “The Rinsed team combines extensive car wash expertise with experience establishing scalable technology businesses,” he says. As a result, the industry now has a purpose-built platform that enables operators worldwide to establish strong customer relationships and grow revenue. We made our first investment in 2020, shortly after the company was founded. Given the pace with which we executed and the rapid development that has occurred afterward, we are happy to double down and lead the Series A.”

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