Sahas Urja IPO issued from today, Date & Result Check

Sahas Urja IPO

Sahas Urja IPO, Sahas Urja Limited is issuing ordinary shares to the public today (Wednesday). Sahas Urja IPO Date & Result Check

The company is going to issue 7 million primary shares at a face value of Rs 100 per share, equivalent to Rs 700 million.

Out of the initial shares to be issued, five percent or 350,000 shares have been distributed to the collective investment fund and three percent or 210,000 shares have been secured to the employees. The general public will be able to apply for the remaining 6.4 million shares from September 22.

According to the company’s statement, the general public will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 1.5 million lots by September 26. If the application is not received as demanded within that period, the eviction will be open by September 8, the statement said. (Sahas Urja IPO)

The company is currently constructing a total of 86 MW Solukhola (Dudhkoshi) Hydropower Project in Soludhudhkund Municipality and Thulungdhkoshi Village Municipality of Solukhumbu District. The company has made public the details that the cost per megawatt of the project will be Rs. 137.9 million. (Sahas Urja IPO)

The general public can apply for shares from all banks and financial institutions and their branch offices that have been given permission by the Nepal Securities Board. NIBL Ace Capital, the issuer and sales manager of the company, said that one can also apply for shares online using ‘MeroShare’.

The company had set aside 30 percent of its 35 million shares at the face value of Rs 3.5 billion per share of Rs 3.5 billion for public issues. 

Sahas Urja IPO

Total Capital100%3,500,000350,000,000
Total Issue20%7,000,000700,000,000
Employees3% of IPO Units210,00021,000,000
Mutual Fund5% of IPO Units350,00035,000,000
General Public92% of IPO Units6,440,000644,000,000
Issue ManagerNIBL Ace Capital Limited  
Issue Open DateSeptember 22  
Issue Closing Date (earliest) September 26  
Issue Closing Date (Late)October 6  
Minimum Application10  
Maximum Application1,050,000