Shashi Kapoor gets the role of dacoit! The ‘cricketer’ saved from the accident at the last moment, the story of friendship is interesting


Mumbai: Tales of the beauty of Shashi Kapoor are very famous in Bollywood. Everyone is handsome in the Kapoor family, but Shashi’s talk was unique. Seeing him for the first time, even Sharmila Tagore lost her senses, it is said that the director had to request Shashi to leave the set, only then the shooting was done. Had cricketer Farooq Engineer not saved such a handsome actor at the last moment, he might have got the role of a dacoit. Let’s tell an interesting story, which was told by the former wicket-keeper himself.

India’s famous former wicket-keeper Farooq Engineer spoke about his friendship with Shashi Kapoor. Shashi and Farooq were childhood friends. Both studied together at Don Bosco School in Matunga, Mumbai. Shashi and Farooq studied together from KG to Class X. Both had also failed in tenth.

Farukh Engineer saved from teacher’s duster
According to Rediff, Farooq Engineer had told that ‘we used to have a French teacher, Mr. Lobo, who used to throw a duster at the children talking in the class. One day when Shashi was talking while sitting in the class, suddenly I saw that the wooden duster was coming towards Shashi’s face flying in the air, the duster was left behind a few inches from Shashi’s face that suddenly I woke up and Caught the duster by catching it. I used to always tease Shashi that if I had not caught him on the right time for a duster that day, you would have got only dacoit roles.

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Shashi’s beauty overshadowed her acting
However, Shashi Kapoor’s beauty overshadowed his acting career. Famous director Shyam Benegal worked with Shashi in ‘Junoon’ and ‘Kalyug’. Shyam had told that ‘Shashi was an extraordinary actor but he could not get films like Amitabh Bachchan, which would have given him stardom. He was always seen as a romantic star. People’s eyes always went towards his face. There was no handsome actor like him in the Indian film industry at that time, the result was that his acting went to the background and he could not become a superhero.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 02, 2023, 19:12 IST

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