When is Easter 2021, 2022, 2023? Easter Complete Guide

When is Easter 2021

Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 4th, 2021! Easter is a “movable feast,” falling on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25 every year.

When is Easter 2021: Easter is on April 4th in 2021, Easter 2021

Last year’s Easter holidays were marred by the coronavirus outbreak, which forced the closure of UK schools ahead of schedule and disrupted visitors’ carefully planned travel arrangements.

Families were left disappointed by the lockdown as they looked forward to the 2021 holidays when restrictions would presumably be lifted.

However, the following year saw an increase in Covid cases across the UK, as well as the implementation of new nationwide lockdown measures, putting the festive season in jeopardy once more.

When is Easter 2021 2022

When is Easter 2021

Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 4 this year. (Easter Sunday, May 2nd, is Eastern Orthodox Easter.)

This Easter falls just one week after the full Moon of March (Sunday, March 28), which is the first Full Moon after the spring equinox (March 20, 2021) and is hence known as the “Paschal Full Moon” in the Christian calendar.

Common Easter Date

Easter is a “movable feast,” meaning it has no set date. However, between March 22 and April 25, it is always held on a Sunday.

Over a 500-year period (from 1600 to 2099 AD), Easter will have been celebrated on March 31 or April 16 the majority of the time.

Rather than using the Gregorian calendar, several Eastern Orthodox churches use the Julian calendar. Easter might be celebrated between April 4 and May 8 in this circumstance.

Easter dates for the next 10 years

The dates of Easter for the next 10 years: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 and 2031.

YearFestival NameDates
2021Easter 2021 Apr 4
2022Easter 2022Apr 17
2023Easter 2023Apr 9
2024Easter 2024Mar 31
2025Easter 2025Apr 20
2026Easter 2026Apr 5
2027Easter 2027Mar 28
2028Easter 2028Apr 16
2029Easter 2029Apr 1
2030Easter 2030Apr 21
2031Easter 2031Apr 13

Easter is related to the full Moon

Easter is observed on the first Sunday after the full Moon, which comes on or shortly after the spring equinox. Yes, it’s a little perplexing at first!

Let’s break it down: The spring equinox will occur on Saturday, March 20 in 2021.

On Sunday, March 28, the first full Moon after that date rises. As a result, Easter will be celebrated on the following Sunday, April 4th.

The first full moon of spring is known as the “Paschal Full Moon” in Christian calendars. In other words, Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon.

What is Paschal Full Moon

Paschal Full Moon is the 14th day of a lunar month occurring on or after March 21

The word “Pascha,” which is a translation of the Aramaic word for “Passover,” is used in the ecclesiastical (Christian church) calendar.

Paschal refers to the date of the Full Moon, which was determined many years ago as the 14th day of a lunar month.

Certain lunar motions were not taken into consideration in ancient computations.

According to a series of ecclesiastical calendar standards, the Paschal Full Moon occurs on or after March 21 and does not always correspond to the day of the astronomical full moon closest to the astronomical spring equinox.

What is Easter

When is Easter 2021 2022

The Christian calendar’s most important feast day is Easter.

Easter is a Christian holiday that commemorates Christ’s resurrection from the dead after his crucifixion. It has been celebrated from the early days of the Church.

It marks the end of Holy Week, the beginning of Lent, and the last day of the Easter Triduum (which runs from Maundy Thursday evening to Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday), as well as the commencement of the liturgical year’s Easter season.

The triumph of good over evil, sin, death, and the physical body is symbolized by the resurrection.

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