When the actor broke the marriage in 11 months, divorced his wife and got married secretly, the whole family is a superstar of TV

Hiten Tejwani love story

Mumbai. The serial Kutumb, telecasted on Sony TV in the year 2001, was very much liked. The ratings of this show surprised everyone. Along with this, the stars of this serial were also a big hit. Hiten Tejwani, who played the role of Pritam Mittal in Kutumb serial, also became a well-known face. This serial was the biggest break of Hiten’s career.

It was from here that Hiten’s real life love story also started. Hiten befriended his wife Gauri Pradhan on the set of this serial. Hiten’s mind was so engrossed in Gauri’s love that he broke off his 11-month marriage. After this, after divorcing his wife, he married Gauri Pradhan. The pairing of both has also been a super hit in many serials. The pair of Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan is very popular in the TV world. Their fans are also crazy about the love story of both.

Hiten breaks his marriage in love with Gauri
Hiten Tejwani was married in the early days of his career. His marriage was arranged by the family members of Hiten, who lives in Mumbai. After this Hiten started doing TV. He befriended Gauri Pradhan on the set of Kutumb serial. The onscreen pairing of both was well liked. Expressing love on screen, both of them actually fell in love with each other. After this both got married on 29 April 2004. Both are still together after marriage. Both have been married for almost 20 years. Hiten and Gauri have twin children on 11 November 2009. This TV couple lives happily with 1 son and 1 daughter.

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Hiten, a resident of Mumbai, met Gauri Pradhan on the sets of Kutumb. (Photo courtesy-Instagram@hitentejwani)

What did Hiten say about breaking the marriage in 11 months?
Hiten shared his first marriage and love story with Gauri on the set of Bigg Boss. Hiten had told that I had got married in the year 2000 itself. When I had not even entered the screen. Hiten, who was busy in strengthening the foundation of his career, could not give time to his wife. Also, there was no special attachment between the two. Since it was an arranged marriage, a lot of problems had to be faced. After marriage, I started doing serials. After a rift between us, we had decided to separate.

Hiten was arrested in love with Gauri Pradhan
Hiten, a resident of Mumbai, met Gauri Pradhan on the sets of Kutumb. It was from here that both of them became friends. Gauri Pradhan’s father was an army officer and she was from Kashmir. During friendship, both fell in love with each other. After this, Hiten divorced his wife and married Gauri. Hiten had met Gauri earlier also. Both did a soap ad together. But at that time both were not very familiar with each other. But both were struggling in the acting world.

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